Contoh Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris 2015

Contoh Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris 2012 - Setelah tadi posting beberapa puisi tentang persahabatan, kali ini saya akan posting mengenai Puisi cinta. Yups, lebih tepatnya puisi cinta bahasa inggris. So, buat kamu yang memang sedang mencari-cari puisi cinta bahasa inggris, simak aja deh koleksi puisi cinta bahasa inggris berikut ini:

Key To My Heart
by Amanda Marie

I had closed the door upon my heart
and wouldn't let anyone in
I had trusted and loved only to be hurt
but that would never happen again
I locked the door and
tossed the key as
hard and as far as I could
My heart was closed for good

Then you came into my life and
made me change my mind
just when I thought that
tiny key was impossible to find
that is when you held out your hand
and proved me wrong
inside your palm was the
Key to My Heart
You had it all along

by Mimi

You ask me if I love you,
Then you suck the lips off my face
And chew on the delicacy of their maroon creases.
'Body shop' lipstick, no. 12;
The taste of compact slabs of cherry.
This cheap adolescent disguise has guided me through all
my realizations.

I left it on the edge of plastic vodka glasses and blood smeared mirrors,
On the foreskins of Greek men,
And finally, on all your cliched perfume soaked letters.
Now it is in your mouth, your throat, your stomach.
You have swallowed my teens and all those fermented mistakes.

The ones I danced into blind,
Fumbling for an urgent exit
In whitewashed jeans and tobacco coated pockets.
All the words that flew out and assaulted
Steve, Damien, Kieren, Gary, Ben
(and all the others my high tech brain has crashed out and deleted),
Have left open wounds in my voice box,
gauged by their barbed wire font.

But as you savor the many varied tastes of my existence,
I can feel my insides frantically stitching and nursing
my pubescent cuts and bruises. Healing in seconds.
Now I am your fetus and everything is warm.

You feed me with a mother's strength and make me reborn,
Without all these zits and misadventures.
My new born 'Halleaugh' scream, realized from sterilized lungs
will be pristine, no lipstick stains in sight.

The answer to your question is
"Yes, Yes, Yes! "
Yes, I love you.
Yes, Yes, Yes.

I swirl out of your anesthetic
With a bacon rind for a belly button
And that's my first word,
A singular syllable.

I can turn the lens until my eyes are in focus,
And you, my surgeon, become my mother.
"Your adolescence has been successfully removed.
The operation was beautiful, wonderful,
Just fine. "

My log in word is 'You'.
That is all I remember.
I am a blank canvas, a cut- price jotter pad, an overflowing biro.
Write all over me.

Scrawl your name in my razor sharp armpits,
In my louse- free hair, my eyelashes bulging with years of mascara.
Practice your joined up handwriting on
My Mound of Venus and the folds of my labia;
Magenta pink and bald.

I am your Frankenstein,
but I promise not to fail.
I will get top marks in my oral stage, my anal stage
And all the others I don't remember,
Because we hit the doodle stage in class.

With you, I will grow old and withered
And our tree roots will be dangerously entwined with time.
We will become soil once again and make love amongst the worms.
'Yes' will be always be my answer, my mantra.
You will always be my host, my vessel;
A place to store my happiness and tears.

Trust Me With Your Heart
by Kathleen Sheppard

Why does your heart grow doubtful dear?
Tense and beating, full of fear.
I keep with me your everlasting love,
and bless the day God sent you from above.

You remain my angel and I feel that I must,
tell you that within you, you have my trust.
My love is the tide, your soul is the shores,
you have my heart, do I have yours?

I'll belong to you till the very end,
and you will forever stay as my lover and friend.
It has been so good like this from the start,
so darling please, trust me with your heart.

I Knew You Well
by Cindy

I knew your dreams
Because we used to talk
For hours at a time.

I knew your friendship
Because you were always there
When I needed your comfort.

I knew your pain
Because you trusted me enough
To share your past with me.

I knew your fears
Because you helped me
To see that mine were the same.

I knew what was important to you
Because you were always
So honest with me.

I knew your goals
Because I felt the enthusiasm
In your words when you talked of them.

I knew your guidance
Because you patiently explained
The things I didn't understand.

I knew your heart
Because I saw right into it
And felt it a part of my own.

I knew your honor
Because you let me go
When I fell in love with you.

And I knew your love
Because you wouldn't let me dream
of us together.

I've Been Caught
by Teresa Fiehn

I've been caught swimming in his eyes again.
Holding my heart so it doesn't break in his presence.
I've been known to have to steady my breathing at his smile,
as my own returns with red cheeks.
As the subject of my never ending sentences, he calls upon pauses that
should not be there.
As my friend, he shares.
His heart cannot mention my name.
While my heart can only scream his.
I've been seen caressing his skin with my gaze.
Memorizing his shape.
I've dreamt of how his lips round his words.
As I replace friendship with love.
My heart hangs heavy when I hear his voice.
My pulse races with his scent.
As he walks past, her on his arm.
Unlike any of the others, he kills me and keeps me alive.

Dan, akhir kata saya ucapkan terima kasih telah berkunjung dan membaca artikel Contoh Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris 2012.


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